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All products contain less than 0.3% Delta 9 THC

Premium CBD Flower:

Acid River Rock
This uplifting strain is great for daytime relaxation. A new take on NY Sour Diesel with a strong earthy/citrus flavor.

Cherry Berry Wine
This hybrid of Cherry Wine and Berry Blast has a flavor profile equipped with sweet piney undertones. Great for night time use.

A sweet pine and tangy citrus blend of flavor giving you a great taste while promoting daytime relief.

Hawaiian Haze
This strain is known for its energetic effects while providing a tasty undertone of tropical fruits.

A daytime favorite in the CBD world. Lifter has a smooth earthy flavor with hints of tropical fruits and berries.

Stormy Daniels
A great bedtime strain designed for relaxation. Stormy is packed with an earthy flavor delivering hints of nuts

Trump (T1)
Best for end of the day relaxation, this strain has an earthy wood flavor with subtle notes of cheese and pepper.


CBD Flower Jars:

Available in all 7 strains and sealed in glass jars to keep flowers fresh from the farm to your door!

The Casual Jar (3.5 grams) – $20
The Classic Jar (7 grams) – $35
The Champion Jar (14 grams) – $60

The Sample Pack (any three 3.5 jars) – $50


CBD Preroll Cones:

Available in all 7 strains, each reusable tube comes with two 1 gram preroll cones.

The Tube (2 preroll cones) – $15
The Preroll Pack (choose 3 tubes) – $40


CBD Moonrocks:

The prerolls are coated with CBD distillate and rolled in CBD kief. The CBD flowers are coated in CBD distillate and rolled in CBD kief.

The Moon Tube (1 Moonrock Preroll) – $20
The Moon Bag (1 gram Moonrock) – $20
The Moon Jar (3.5 gram Moonrock) – $50


CBD Favorites:

Lancaster County’s finest CBD-infused topicals, tinctures, and edibles made with high-quality ingredients.

CBD Salve (210mg) – $35
Fire & Ice Muscle Cream (500mg) – $50
CBD Body Lotion (1000mg) – $60
CBD Tincture (600mg) – $35
CBD Tincture (1500mg) – $55
Flavored CBD Tincture (1500mg) – $60
^^^Wintergreen or Peppermint^^^
CBD Patches (six 2.6mg) – $50
CBD Max Patches (six 15mg) – $90
CBD Chocolate Chip Cookie (100mg) – $5


CBD Concentrates:

High-quality CBD concentrates

98.5% CBD Isolate (1 gram) – $30
CBD Distillate (1 gram) – $25
^^^Cherry Berry Wine or Stormy Daniels ^^^
CBD Kief (1 gram) – $20
^^^Acid River Rock, Cherry Berry Wine, or Hawaiian Haze^^^


***Prices and products subject to change based on availability.***

*DISCLAIMERS* WARNING: Always do your own research about CBD. If you find yourself possibly having adverse side effects that mimic an allergic reaction, stop and discontinue use of product. Seek medical attention if necessary.

LEGAL DISCLAIMER: Though our products contain below the legal limit of THC, consuming CBD often may result in false positives depending on the type of test. Use at your own risk.

FDA DISCLAIMER: These statements and products have not been evaluated or tested by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Do not use if you are pregnant or lactating. Always consult a medical physician before consuming a new product.